Water Management in Health Care Facilities: Complying with ASHRAE Standard 188

This monograph gives guidance to health care facilities on how to comply with ASHRAE Standard 188: Legionellosis: Risk Management for Building Water Systems. Without proper guidance, hospitals may take steps that are not required; steps that may be unnecessarily costly; or steps that are not helpful in reducing the threat from legionellosis and other waterborne pathogens.

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What is a Water Management Plan and Why is it Important?

Gary Milewsky, Corporate Manager Plant Engineering Compliance at Novant Health, discusses what a water management plan is, why it is important, and a few lessons learned from Novant Health’s almost decade of tweaking and refining their water management plan. Gary also provides some great insight into how their facilities and plant engineering team works with the environmental services team.

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Developing a Water Management Plan of Action

“Some of the hardest things to prevent are the ones that we cannot see. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has forced health facilities to fight a virus that is not visible. There is a good chance that Legionella, an invisible bacterium, may exist within facility water systems and, if not monitored and controlled, may be transmitted to susceptible persons within the facility and possibly result in death.”…

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