Greetings fellow OSHE members,
I hope this communication finds you all well.
As your elected president it was my intention to send this communication out last month when I began my role, however like all our facilities leaders, support vendors, suppliers and construction partners COVID-19 has taken a front and center response position in our daily lives. Collectively we should all be proud of the work we’ve done in providing support, thinking out of the box and going the extra mile in ensuring the patients, staff, physician and visitors (if allowed) have the safest environment possible during these challenging times.
I would like to thank Sean Reyburn, Past President for leading our organization during the last year. In addition, we welcome Brady Housden as our new President Elect. I look forward to working with them both as well as the entire OSHE Board this year as we navigate OSHE through these continually changing and challenging times. It also goes without saying that without the organizational support of Britni Lundin, our Executive Director we would not be as strong an organization as we are. Please take an opportunity to thank all these individuals for the time and energy spent supporting OSHE when we get back together.
A focus of the OSHE Board this coming year is providing continuing education to our members to maintain certifications as well as providing the latest information related to healthcare trends, new products, services and reducing expenses in our world. As COVID-19 caused us to cancel our spring conference and may potentially impact our fall conference; our Board is seeking new ways to provide our members with educational options. Britni has created a survey (below) for our members to offer their feedback related to education. Please take the time to complete the survey. Your feedback is important and helps guide our direction.
For 2021 we are currently slated to have our spring conference in Bend at the Riverhouse and our fall conference at Salishan. My fingers are crossed these events will happen and we can all get together again.
My intention is to send out quarterly informational updates at a minimum.
Thank you everyone and stay healthy and safe.